Myth vs Fact
We want you to know the truth about our beloved course 

City Park Golf Course operates at a deficit and is one of the BREC courses that loses money and is a financial drain on the BREC Golf program.

City Park Golf Course is a ‘huge’ part of City Park which is used very minimally by only a few golfers.  

Golf is an elitist game.


City Park Golf Course is among the BREC golf courses (Beaver Creek, City Park, Santa Maria and Webb) that operate on self-generated funds. The remaining golf courses in the BREC program are supported from surplus dollars generated by the profitable golf course and BREC allocations. 

The footprint of Historic City Park golf course is 26 acres of 150 park acres. The remaining acres include undeveloped land, plus a variety of facilities such as tennis courts, a dog park, a croquet court, a splash pad, walking paths, green space for games, and a city-owned lake for boating and fishing.
The golf course has been in continuous use for more than 90 years, and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 2002. It is what is known as a "core:" course, where holes run adjacent to each other in  compact layout, rather than being strung out sequentially over a large area. As such, it is an unadulterated, urban green space tucked into an established, historic neighborhood., enjoyed by golfers and non-golfers alike.

To the contrary, witness the very compelling; Miracle at East Lake, an Atlanta Ga. community.