Facts & Timeline
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, one of only 20 golf courses in the country to be listed.
City Park (Township 7 S. Range 1 W East Baton Rouge Parish) 150 acres; golf course 26 acres
Land Ownership Title Chain for City Park (Abbreviated) :
  • 1786 James Hillen acquired property Spanish Land Grant Hillen to John Joyce (Constance) (Armond)
  • 1791-1815 Hillen John Joyce m. C. Rochon.....Rochon Duplantier Joyce ; John Turnbull (The Hillen Land Grant is the land to which City Park traces its roots) 
  • 1815-1856 Duplantier to Perkins (many owners between) 
  • 1856-1866 Perkins to Pike 

  • 1878-1923 City of BR donated property to LSU with caveat that if not used for a farm it was to be returned to the city .  
  • 1923-1924 LSU returned property to the City of Baton Rouge after Gov. John M. Parker intervened
  • 1924-1946 City of BR to BREC  
  • 1946 BREC political subdivision formed by Legislative Act 246 (1946) Sec. 3 (b) of Article 14, Constitution of the State of Louisiana

City Park Golf Course Timeline ...Continuous Play
  • 1923 Contract American Park Builders (Myron West/Tom Bendelow) 
  • 1924 Started Construction 
  • 1925 Informal Play 
  • 1928 Officially Opened (Aug 3, 1928) 

Golf Pros
  • 1928-1954 Marion Scobel 
  • 1954-1960 Mike Barbato (older brother of Joe and Luca Barbato) 
  • 1960-1977 Harry Neese 
  • 1977-1992 Malcolm Landry 
  • 1992-1998 James Gater Bates 
  • 1998-2007 Coach Richy Ory
  • 2007-2011 Bill Martin

Park Improvements ($6.5 million Imagine Your Parks Tax Payer Bond Fund Money 2004)
  • New Tennis Center
  • New Tennis Courts
  • New Dog Park
  • New Playgrounds with Restroom Facility
  • New Picnic Areas
  • New Walking Trails & Bike Paths
  • New Labyrinth
  • Display Areas for Public Art
  • Outdoor Multi-Use Areas
  • Sculpture Fountain 
  • Interactive Fountain

About Us
Friends of Historic City Park is a nonprofit group dedicated to the preservation of City Park of Baton Rouge, and, in particular, its historic golf course. City Park Golf Course was built in 1926 by the noted Scottish course designer, Tom Bendelow. It is listed on The National Register of Historic Places.  We believe that the course should be protected, preserved and maintained for future generations. City Park Golf Course is a landmark representing Baton Rouge’s beauty, history, and our city’s desire to make golf available to everyone. It is our desire to help BREC be good stewards of this property.  Please join us in our support of this historic course; it needs our protection.

City Park Golf Course was built in 1926 by the noted Scottish course designer, Tom Bendelow.
City Park Friends Board
(Charter 2003 #35584938N)
Dana Oatley Brown, Chair
Jerry Fischer
Lillie Petit Gallagher
Jack Hightower
Carol Marabella
Alison Thompson
Jayne Thibodaux
Kevin Thibodaux
John Turner
Golf Advisors
Robert Adams
David Addison
Stuart Bendelow 
Smokie Bourgeois 
Ted Castillo
Millard Callicott
Cornel Christophe 
Ron Dupree
Wayne Goldsmith 
Scott Hainey
John Hanchey 
Art Hanneman 
Anna Heine 
Randal Heine
Lester Hitchcock
Marshal Honore
Bill Huey
Bryan McDaniel 
Al Michael 
Mark Modicut 
Jimmy Neese 
Ben Ortego 
Marshal Ortego 
Town Ortego 
Blaine Patin 
Eddie Ross 
Dr. Gayle Sanchez 
Mike Scurria  
Larry Selders
Collis Temple 
Beth Tope
Clarence Von Aspern 
Tom Willingham
Luca Barbato 
Bobby Duhe
Jules D’Hemecourt
Earnest Harrison 
Sam Scurria
Jo Paul Steiner 
Emile Zachariah 
A golfer plays one of the nine holes that make up this great course. Offering the perfect round for beginners, regulars or those who just want a leisure game to relax and practice.

Lillie Gallagher presents the case for Historic City Park Golf Course to members of the board of the Foundation for Historical Louisiana. The board voted overwhelmingly to support preserving the golf course. As one board member put it: “How can we NOT do this?"